Mike Lewis Memorial Match 2023

Mike’s memorial match went ahead on Sunday and a huge show of appreciation to the lads who drove far and wide to attend for the one day and also to the Masters lads to whom for the majority fished all four days. Another testing day and competitive match saw Marc Ellement make no mistakes for over 18Lbs of pole and whip fish from Robins, tactically Marc fished a great match and became the very first winner of the Mike Lewis memorial. Ashley was on hand after the match to show his congratulations and I think it’s fair to say that Mike would have been immensely proud of all the field and the way everyone conducted themselves over the weekend, at the draws and throughout the match times. We are truly privileged to know you all and call you friends. I cannot thank you all enough for the show of support over this finals weekend and throughout 2023.

I truly hope more people make the leap and get involved.

Now the event has run its course. How can so many people be wrong? Loch Ken is a serious match venue with challenging aspects but big rewards and a perfect footprint, local accommodation and amenities and hugely accesible pegs. I believe counter arguments can be made for any of the negative comments – “Its a local experts venue” truly great anglers won this year only visited once before! “It’s too far” – three hours from my door. I fully understand people can and most definitely will have an opinion, please be informed with it though. We are never too arrogant to listen and want nothing more than this event to be a huge success and to grow in Mike’s memory year on year, so please support us and watch it grow.

On to the thanks, and I did this at the presentation. There is a video of the presentation which we will share later in the week so in short and I hope I haven’t missed anyone a huge thanks to the following people, without your support we could not do this event and wouldn’t have been able to make it such a huge success this year.

All the Reel Elite Masters committee, Nicki Roberts who keeps us in line, Nick Broadhurst (Sargent Love Rocket) who summarises everything so well ! Graham Lewis who not only is one of the best tip anglers in the country also for some reason makes floats! (very good ones too) and finally to Cagsy who puts up with my OCD and worry all year and keeps me on the right track! he snores after Guiness though so I may be in my own room next year!

Gaz Lambert and Bob Goodwin for helping with the pegging

Sam at the Lochinvar and Laura at the Clachan such fantastic food and drinks sublime Guiness and brilliant hospitality.

Excel Signs for providing the event with signs and pegs which professionalised the event no end.

Moultons for fantastic bait.

Andy Neal at Milo Fishing IT and Free Spirit Match.

All the lads that assisted with qualifiers Joe, Jim, Dave and Alan Holl.

and finally to Ashley Lewis and The Platt Partnership to whom we owe a huge amount of gratitude, I was so surprised that most of the anglers were unaware that the top prize pot is completely sponsored money from them which im not sure happens in any other event in the UK – certainly not to the amount they back us. Ash you are such a great person for carrying this on in your dads honour, it’s been such a tough year for you and we were blessed all weekend to have you in attendance. Legendary mate we salute you.

If i’ve missed anyone I apologise but i’ll end by saying thanks one and all congrats to the winners try harder the losers that’s just how it is. 2024 we go again!

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