See testimonials from anglers who have competed in Reel Elite Masters competitions or have purchased some Reel Elite apparel, as well as from clients of The Platt Partnership who have benefited from their services.

Sat at home in lockdown having not finished for 15 years I was surfing YouTube looking at match fishing videos, I got drawn into natural feeder fishing, so I made some inquiries to find my nearest venues and where matches were being held, I got in touch with Nick Broadhurst who was running matches at my now home venue, the stunning Rudyard Lake. I was welcomed by all the Anglers, the advice and friendship I received initially from bream Master & North West Legend Graham Lewis and his best pal and one of the best natural pole Anglers I have met Nick Roberts, his advice to me was to ‘spend time watching top anglers’ never did I think that this advice would lead me to selection, running the bank at the freestyle world world championships for England and becoming a team member of Dragon Energy Ringers Feeder Team, it’s no surprise they are both now Reel Elite Sponsored anglers and dear friends.

When the first Reel Elite pairs match was announced, I struggled to find a partner and put a shoutout on the Reel Elite Facebook page, Richie contacted me and told me there was a lad looking for a partner called Mark Hemmings, he was also new to natural feeder fishing and that partnership and friendship has now seen us fishing together most weekends. We have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, fishing some of the most picturesque venues selected by the Reel Elite Team, one day you can be pegged next to a local club angler, the next day a world champion.

Caggsy & Richie work tirelessly to put the series on supported by Nick, Graham and Nick R, attracting sponsors and running the matches on the day, and supporting local good causes with charitable donations. To you all, I will always be eternally grateful and truly believe I have met lifelong friends and personally I can’t wait to get started on next year’s campaign.

If you are new to this style of fishing or a seasoned journey man there is a welcome at Reel Elite for everyone.

Ken Hutchings

The Reel Elite Masters is the brainchild of Richie and Cagsy Parry, a father and son partnership that has so much enthusiasm for angling. This is my favourite competition of the year, especially because it’s a pairs competition.

After qualifying for the final last year, it was a must for this year after the brilliant 2 day Final. Thankfully Garry Mortimer and I have qualified for the 2 day final this year at the brilliant Loch Ken in Scotland. Also if you qualify for the final, you automatically qualify for the £1000 Mike Lewis Memorial Match, this is one you really should not miss.

Chris Diamond

Reel Elite clothing has great service, great waterproofs plus more, I’ve got loads of their gear, can’t fault it and love their bait apron product. I’m fully kitted out and wouldn’t buy another brand, big up Cagsy.

Michael Smith

Had my first lot of clothing back in 2019 consisting of pole jackets, bib n brace, hoodies and polo shirts, well nearly four years on and still going strong proving the longevity and quality of the companies products.

I’ve also since then had my match joggers which again have proven to be incredibly robust and I cant praise the quality enough and well worth giving the products a go.

Ian 'Speedy' Ward

I was honoured to be a real friend to Mike Lewis who I fished with for years and who was also my financial advisor, Mike had always wanted to put something back into fishing and along with another good friend Richie Parry came up with the idea of angling pair’s competition, so “Reel Elite pairs” was born, Richie along with Cagsy Parry owners of Reel Elite apparel and angling products and Mike being part of the Platt Partnership who sponsor the event fished over a series of qualifying rounds, culminating in a two day final.

I have been lucky to have qualified for the first two finals and fished so far and in 2022, along with fishing partner Nick Roberts actually won the two day day final at Rudyard lake.

Sadly Mike after a long hard-fought battle with cancer, lost his fight this year, his wish was for the competition to continue with the support and sponsorship of The Platt Partnership, it will grow year after year I am sure.

I have through Mike and now his son Ashley, been fortunate to have had the Platt Partnership support me with financial advice over the last 30+ years, handling my pension, mortgage and insurance the partnership has always been there to support and help when needed.

Graham Lewis

After working with Ashley from The Platt Partnership over the past few weeks to get my financial life in order, I want to provide you with my thoughts. You provide an outstanding service from start to finish. I have been very worried about my pensions and whether they will be able to provide me with what I need in retirement.  You totally put my mind at ease and worked hard to bring all of my pensions together. You were able to break down this topic into segments and provide me with clear, concise advice on every area of my pension. At no point did I feel that I didn’t understand anything as you explained it all jargon-free.

We have been able to put a clear plan in place to help me to get to where I want to be. Myself and Jan felt very comfortable from the off and we would definitely recommend you to our friends and family.

Paul and Jan

I wanted to write you a quick email to express my gratitude for the great work that you have done for us as a family. When my father passed away, we were totally out of our depth with trying to manage his investments ourselves. We are so pleased that we have had you by our side to hold our hand through the whole process of getting all of our inherited investments sorted out.

I really do feel that I can relax now, in the knowledge that you are there to manage things professionally and I look forward to our first review meeting.

Tom & Family

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great service that you have given us. Really pleased that everything is sorted out and I can sleep at night again! I had buried my head in the sand for years with regards to my pension but I feel confident that we are on the right track now. 5-star service mate, thanks again.

Andy & Karen

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