Reel Elite Masters Grand Final information 2023

Preceding Open match info and – The Mike Lewis memorial match information all below:

All are fully backed by The Platt Partnership.

Venue for the Grand Final – Loch Ken, Castle Douglas, Scotland.

Grand Final dates – Practice open match – Thursday October 19th – the draw is at 8:30am, in The Lochinvar Car Park.

Both Zones to be used.

£25.00 Pegs / Pools. Match Times – 11:00am – 4:30pm. The result for this match will take place during the evening back in the Lochinvar.

Grand Final Day 1 – All anglers to be present at the draw no later than 8:00am. The Draw will take place again at the Lochinvar.

Friday 20th October – Day 1 draw time – 8:30am – Match Times – 11.30am – 5.30pm.

Saturday 21st October – Day 2 draw time – 8:30am – Match Times – 11:30am – 5:30pm.

There will be a meal and drink available for all competitors accompanying the result from 7:00pm in the Lochinvar Hotel, Curry and a pint for £12 Cagsy and Reel Elite will also be putting some money behind the bar so everyone can have a few pints as a huge thanks.

Please note food is available until 9:00pm. The Grand Final results and payout will take place after 9:00pm. Please make every effort to support the event, sponsor, and hotel.

Optional Super Pool for the final – £20 Total per angler will pay out the top three or four anglers individually, after two days competition and based on total weight. This is optional.

Final Pairs payout will be announced as we get closer to the event. We will be paying a minimum of the Top six pairs plus rotation and section winners over the two days. Results based on points then total weight.

Both areas of the Loch will be utilised, every angler will have plenty of room and a lot of thought has gone into the pegging and rotation. Please note all anglers need to be present at the draw times. Weigh ins and results will be conducted by the organisers.

Finalists names are below please at the earliest opportunity get in touch if you can’t (for whatever reason) make the final.

Finalists names below.

Graham Lewis – Nick Roberts

Richard Yates – Mark Ellement

Kev Clarke – Shaun Bilsbury

Darren Frost – Mark Goodwin

Lee Addy – Steve Flemming

Ben Roberts – Richie O Connor

Mark Leanord – Lee Hilton

Gaz Lambert – Martin Greene

Chris Diamond – Garry Mortimer

Darren Hogg – Gary Webster

Lewis Breeze – Darren Mulheir

Andy Amos – Ian Leach

Kev Ford – Keith Bygraves

Ronnie Ranson – Shaun Fletcher

Cagsy – Richie

Alan Holl – Martin Shorrocks

Nick Broadhurst – Chris Kirk

Sunday 22nd October – The Mike Lewis memorial match – £1000 to the winner plus pools on the day which is set at £30 – No optional. This event is supported by Ashley Lewis who joins us for the weekend, and The Platt Partnership.

Draw will be at The Lochinvar Hotel from 8:30am. Match Times are: 11:00am – 4:30pm – Result back the Hotel car park. Please remember the sentiment behind this match and come back for the result to support the sponsor.

Payout to be announced – All the Masters finalists are invited, please also see the additional invited anglers below. Please PM the page if you would like to be added, the match is capped at 50 max.

Names – in addition to the finalists, for the Sunday event.

Les Thompson

Craig Whittaker

Chris Stephens

Mac Stephens

Ashley Lewis

Jim Evans

Joey Farrell

Bob Goodwin

Nigel Spencer

Simon Duxbury

Damian Duxbury

John Vernon

Mark Wright

Stewart Tong

Matt Slater

Pete Richmond

Paul Hughes

John Jorrocks

Keith Gardiner

Mark Trueman

Lots of other things to announce during the build-up.

Accommodation options –

  • The Lochinvar – Address: 3 Main St, St John’s Town of Dalry, Castle Douglas DG7 3U Phone: 01644 430107
  • The Clachan – Address: 8-10 Main St, St John’s Town of Dalry, Castle Douglas DG7 3UW Phone: 01644 430241
  • Kirkhill Cottage BnB – Tel -01556670571
  • AirBNB’s available in the town of Dalry and surrounding Castle Douglas.

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