Bait Tech

BAIT-TECH Windstopper Fleece

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The brand-new Bait-Tech wind stopper is suitable for all different conditions and is a product leader and stand out item in the range. It provides you with comfort and unrivalled warmth using the best production processes and materials.

This fleece is perfect for spring or even long summer nights outside the club house talking about the one that got away, but really comes into its own during Autumn and Winter as a final layer or mid piece under your 3/4 or match jackets.

The main features of this fantastic fleece include a longer cut high wide collar which allows ultimate manoeuvrability and comfort when zipped to the top allowing you to move around your box and side tray comfortably. The shoulders are padded keeping water off you under light showers and the padded waterproof elbows aid shipping and holding your pole.

Fully tested and endorsed by Bait-Tech and Reel Elite, it looks brilliant too.

Embroidery Options (If Applicable)

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